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New Album in the works!

Dan Peek with Marvin & Gentry- PEACE REVISITED

We've been in the studio with our old friend and producer/engineer, Mitch Dane (mostly known for his work with Jars of Clay). We've been adding drums and guitar /vocal additions. It will be a 15 song disc, including 1 or 2 unreleased songs from Dan. Our excitement is "off the charts." We believe Dan is with us in spirit on this project. 








Marvin & Gentry
Songs from Gholson Road


"FIVE STARS!  With melodies and harmonies that evoke those of America, The Byrds and early CS&N, the Kentucky-bred duo of Ken Marvin and Brian Gentry show off their very own skills crafting listener-hooking turns of phrase and choruses one is singing along with on the second go-round.  Airplay-worthy tracks abound including "Wishful Thinking", "Without You" and "Great Divide".  Production is first-rate."  
                                                                         — Duane Verh / Roots Music Report








Peace | Right Now


Originally recorded and released in 1997 by Peace (Dan Peek, Ken Marvin and Brian Gentry). This is a brand new digitally remixed and remastered version with Paul Winkler (drums), and additional backing vocals by Marvin & Gentry. Engineered & Mixed by Chris Brush (Nashville. TN).
Release Date: Feb 14 2018
© Copyright - Peace / Acoustic Bliss (191924869443)







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